All Aboard for the Winter Wonderland in Rail Nation!

🚂 All Aboard for the Winter Wonderland in Rail Nation! 🚂


Dear Rail Nation Players,

We’re thrilled to announce that the most anticipated event of the year is back, coming in full swing this December! Get ready to experience the magic of the season as Rail Nation’s beloved winter event returns!

🎄 Winter Wonderland festival 🎄

Get ready to embark on a snowy adventure like no other! Starting this December, you can roll into the heart-warming spirit of the holidays with special quests, a winter market building at your train station, fascinating resources, a unique currency, and a thrilling challenge that will test your strategic skills.

🚆 Special quests 🚆

Complete special daily and event quests that will bag you winter coins and a quest bonus, depending on the level of your winter market building.

🏭 Winter market building 🏭

Your train station will be transformed into a winter wonderland with the addition of a winter market building. This hub of festivity will not only add a touch of holiday magic to your station, but also offer you winter coins and a bonus on winter coins earned from quests, depending on its level. Gather glittering diamonds to level up your winter market!

🌟 New resources and currency 🌟

Discover new resources that will be vital for your winter adventure. Collect them strategically and trade them wisely to maximise your profits.

🏆 All-new challenge 🏆

With the new resources and currency, a thrilling challenge awaits you. Use your ingenuity and strategic prowess to make the most of what the winter event has to offer.

If you’re new to the winter event or simply want to read up on how it works, head over to our guide!

Of course, we didn’t forget about the advent calendar!

Log in to the game every day to open a new window of the advent calendar and pick up some awesome prizes! What do you think could be hidden in the last window?


When and where?

The winter event will start with the appearance of the winter market on

Friday, 8th December, with the event starting on Monday, 11th December at 2 pm UTC+1.

The winter event will end  on

Tuesday, 19th December at 2 pm UTC+1, and the winter market will be removed on Friday, 22nd December.


The advent calendar will start right on time on 1st December and last for 24 days.

Unfortunately, the winter event cannot take place on all game worlds. We did our best to include as many game worlds as possible, but a few simply couldn’t make the list. So, please be aware that the winter event will not take place on the following game worlds: DE7, GR1, IT1, CZ3 and all Destination Africa game worlds.

The advent calendar will not be available on Destination Africa game worlds.


Get ready to experience the joy of the holidays as Rail Nation’s winter event brings a blizzard of features and festive spirit to your screens. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and be prepared for a railway adventure like no other. Winter is coming and with it, the magic of Rail Nation!

Stay tuned for even more fun winter events on Discord  during December!


All aboard the festive express! 🚄❄️🎅

See you in Rail Nation’s Winter Wonderland!


Warmest wishes,

Your Rail Nation Team