Halloween Player Story

Halloween Player Story

Written by: Sedricoo, Teilzeit-Gamer, Mimz (Lou), Lady McSteph, ItsMe (Justin), Naike, MadBaron, LaniDoodle, Venus., Rowena, Count Duckula, LYNA


The full moon hung low in the ink-black sky, casting eerie shadows on the tracks that wound their way through Ravenwood Station. The ancient locomotives stood silent, like sentinels of a bygone era, their steel frames gleaming dully in the pale light. Lucy and William looked at each other and shuddered as the flashlight in Lucy’s hand flickered. In the distance…

they see a mysterious shadow. It looks ….

like a train that looked invisible… could it be.. a ghost train you think? Surely not, they don’t exist… Let’s go investigate it further…. As Lucy and William approaches something is rustling in the shadow around the corner….

Lucy & William looked at each other in disbelief as they assumed they were alone. Cautiously, they started walking towards the shadows & flickering lights unsure of what they might find. With every step they took, their trepidation grew. Finally they reached a clearing and were astonished at what they found. The flickering lights were dozens of jack-o-lanterns but who could have put them there?

Unheard snickering came from behind a unsuspecting tree, that was only a few yards away from the lanterns. Two pixies looked at each other with manical glee as their plan was unfolding. More humans they thought! Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee, were amazed at how simple it was , to catch these pesky humans, who .. kept on making a mockery of their festive season!

Lucy and William carefully stepped a bit closer, past the jack-o-lanterns to get a closer look at the flickering lights behind the tree and noticed Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee… Lucy screamed from the top of her lungs so William fell over in the puddle in front of him… Shall we try to engage with the pixie’s or shall we make a run for our life?

William carefully scrambled back on his feet and rubbed his aching knee with which he had fallen on something hard in the mud puddle…..

but he could not figure out what he had fallen into, so he reached down and discovered a….

tear in his pant leg… where something had pierced his skin. Are you alright asked Lucy? As William looked up Lucy saw that something was wrong.. something was very very wrong.. the look on William’s face… way off in the distance you could hear a small voice asking.. How long does it take the potion to work…

William was trying to workout in his mind when he had taken that potion of all seeing. Of course, this was the only real reason either of them was actually able to see the two pixies, who were now cowering in their own shadows, hoping that the two humans had not actually seen them, but a shadow.

The big question now was how to dispel the pixies. Maybe the jack-o-lanterns could be the key.

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, were not waiting for a second opportunity. While the Humans were entangled in whatever humans got up to when frightened, the two pixies quickly flapped their wings and repositioned themselves, higher in the tree, where hopefully none would see them. Awaiting their golden opportunity, to pounce!

story beginning: Lucky and William take a train somewhere far away on the Express Line and have a good time. Let them snack on what they find on the trip and make them happy.

While Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum were flying higher up in the tree, a crow spotted the glitter that was falling from them, and started flying in record speed to catch the precious dust, just before the crow caught any of them there was a big metal sounding WHACK – It was Lucy that knew they needed a crow’s feather for the potion for William… She couldn’t quite remember what else they needed, but at least they got started now…

Suddenly she felt a skeletal hand touch her shoulder, and heard a rasping cough. She shrieked and ran off, ignoring the fact that the skeleton was waving an old piece of parchment, which looked suspiciously like a potion recipe…

Watching this whole fiasco unfolding bellow them, the two Pixies started to giggle between each other, I mean they loved it when mayhem struck!

Being a big tease, the pixies Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum flew down to grab the old piece of parchment and started loudly grinning and joking about, rhyming out the note on the paper. Lucy and William overheard this, but couldn’t quite make sense of it… Something was not adding up, there was a crows feather though, so they knew the were on the right track. Some other things they overheard the pixies rhyme was leather, heather and berry and sherry….

Then Lucy woke up, it had all been a dream, and there was a Fennec Fox at at the window

And as she turned away, out of the corner of her eye, the fox was enveloped in glitter, and now she wondered….

should she follow him? Where was he leading her? Could this be the beginning of yet another great adventure, and where would it take her?

Was the fortune teller right? He had told her she was on „track” to a far away land where new adventures would await her..

And would this new adventure be in a far away continent, like Africa, or would it be closer to home? She couldn’t wait to tell William about her dream.

When she went to William later that day and was telling her dream, William was shocked. He had the same dream and woke up with a painful knee and mud on my clothes.

The full moon hung low in the black sky, casting eerie shadows on the tracks that snaked through Ravenwood Station. The ancient locomotives stood silent, like sentinels from a bygone era, their steel frames gleaming dimly in the pale light. Lucy and William looked at each other and They shuddered when the flashlight in Lucy’s hand shone. In the distance…” Two bright red fluorescent lights appeared between the fringes of the old locomotives. William grabbed Lucy’s mother, and said softly to her, don’t be afraid, nothing in the other world can haunt a good spirit like yours. Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, echoed in the amazement of the darkness of the night that grew blacker and blacker. Lucy, I said to William, I’m afraid, let’s go. But when the locomotives found themselves, they were lost among the rusty ones that the wind made roar like voices from beyond. An icy cold ran down Lucy’s spine, which was shaking uncontrollably. William took the flashlight and eventually went to the old tunnel that had been abandoned for many years, which connected to the workshop where the old locomotives died. All of them now seemed to come to life and, jumping from locomotive to locomotive, red eyes appeared, glowing in the dark. William and Lucy were already running to take refuge in the tunnel, escaping from the horrible children who were trying to resurrect and give life to the rotten locomotives. They finally arrived at the entrance to the tunnel, but just when they thought they were safe, they saw a haunted locomotive, and a chilling voice said:

  • Lucy, I am your soul that has been waiting for you for centuries, you have finally returned to me.

Lucy couldn’t stand it and fainted when she saw the being that appeared from the depths of the earth, with eyes on fire and glowing in the dark whenever the light fell on it, like in this photo that William took with his smartphone RN: And now?